Kings Aigbologa Bucknor & His Afrodisk Beat Organisation


Hot Casa • 2019

Kingsley Aigbologa Bucknor is considered a prominent disciple of Nigeria’s Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Afrobeat is knwon as the combination of American funk and jazz with West African highlife music as well as singing and percussion from Nigerian Yoruba and Fuji music. Bucknor’s classically hypnotic Afrobeat tracks remind us almost spookily of Fela’s music of the 1970s and captivate us with driving polyrhythmic beats and percussion, stoically mesmerizing bass runs, unwavering minimal funky guitar riffs, gripping brass and vocal arrangements, saxophone, trumpet and organ solos as well as Bucknor’s rough, demanding and evocatively declaiming vocals. After »The Black Isaiah Of Africa – African Woman« from 2017, Hot Casa Records has now unearthed »Katakata«, another album by the bandleader and his sixteen-piece band (plus ten more background singers). It contains two quarter-hour spiritual and political tracks, recorded by nineteen-year-old Bucknor in 1979 at the Phonogram Studio in Lagos and released on the Nigerian label Shanu Olu Records.