En Kötü Iyi Olur

Bongo Joe • 2023

Lalalar seizes the edge of new wave and plunges it into the rainbow. »En Kötü Iyi Olur« bears witness to this. The wise guys from Istanbul will keep you on your toes as they chase the zither through the desert at 180 bpm. To tell you the truth: Sometimes you don’t have to understand every word to know that Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Barlas Tan Özemek and Kaan Düzarat are serious. »En Kötü Iyi Olur« means something like »Things get better at their worst«. It doesn’t really matter that the message can somehow mean anything from a political (un)thing to the rapidly overheating earth. The important thing is that they want to yank us out of our world of frustration for a while – in which they succeed! Each of the nine bangers feels like a firecracker from a lucky bag. Whether you want to dance, jump or headbang to it is up to you. Things certainly don’t get boring. The mix of Turkish instruments and post-punk beats will delight the most diverse genre fans. So when Foo Fighter fans shake hands with Boy Harsher fans at their gigs, the three heads behind Lalalar have already achieved a lot.