Laura Angel

If You Want / Summer Time

Disco Segreta • 1985

Left, right, left, right – the hypnotic kick-snare combination moves into action from the very first second. In staccato, the piping of the keyboard pushes itself over the snare, but is overrun by a heavy synth bass. Laura Angel sings to this, »I love you, I love you / If you want, if you want / Yes, I know, you and me / a lá vie, a lá vie« first in a shy voice, then in the chorus full of fervour. The genre of this 80s treasure becomes clear at this point at the latest: Italo disco. On record exchanges, the single »If You Want« from 1985 is traded at dizzying prices. No wonder, only 1,000 copies left the pressing plant at the time. Now this little lo-fi masterpiece is being made available again as a reissue for an affordable price. Disco Segreta – a niche label with a preference for the European underground disco sound of the 70s and Italo disco from the 80s – has made it possible. The B-side »Summer Time«, however, is stronger, because it is catchier. The E-mu and Korg synthesisers which are so typical for the genre »beep« and »bleep« almost like a hymn. Angel sings about her crush with lots of reverb: »You are the sunshine in the rainbow«. Almost 40 years later, it still makes your ears prick up and gets your legs moving. Due to the minimalist production style and creaky sound quality, however, both pieces function mainly today as mysterious testimonies of their time.