Limpe Fuchs


Futura Resistenza • 2024

Limpe Fuchs is a German composer and sound artist who has played a significant role in the practice of acoustic improvisation since the 1970s. As a soloist, duo, trio or quartet, Limpe Fuchs has played concerts throughout Europe since the beginning of her musical career. She experiments with sounds, weaving them into melodies that take their time to coalesce into a harmonious whole. It’s the audience’s attention that Limpe Fuchs seeks with her improvisational skills, and that’s what’s needed to fully engage with the acoustic events. With each piece she invents something new—a sound, a movement or a unique rhythm. She composes loosely, freed from any desire for perfection, and her pieces are characterised by an impulsive unpredictability. Limpe Fuchs plays in the moment—and that sounds as comforting on her latest album as it does live. »Pianoon« is the title of the work, which combines two tracks in which Limpe Fuchs plays her piano day and night. On »Day« she mixes warm, invigorating sounds. Here and there she allows moments of tranquillity to seep in, only to pick up again in the next instant. Its counterpart, »Night«, continues this constant interplay so that the two pieces eventually merge into one, culminating in a sonically resonant unity —just like the hours of a day.