Luke Roberts

The Iron Gates At Throop And Newport

Thrill Jockey • 2012

Even when Luke Roberts made his Christian roots and the aesthetics of common hip hop videos a subject of irony with »Unspotted Clothes« one still had this feeling that after all Luke Roberts is a damn honest guy, one that doesn’t conceal, that doesn’t use unnecessary codes and might it just be because it would cost too much effort. On »The Iron Gates At Throop And Newport« this unpretentious and honest approach is more reflected in the instrumentation and the lyrics than ever before. Almost naked his soft and hurt voice seems to be set next to guitar, violin, drums and harmonicas from the Nashville universe. »The Iron Gates At Throop And Newport« is a back-to-the-roots records, intense regarding its content, versatile but clear in its use of sounds. It is a silent album of disillusion and disappointment. Or as the song »His Song« states: »The Blood of Jesus causes so much pain, you could just forgive him but he’s still one to blame./ I want to know where I belong, I been looking for the meaning in his song./ It’s an every day job, it’s an every day job.«