Transmissions From Telos: Volume 4

Hands In The Dark • 2012

There’s a bass-line on the third track of »Transmissions From Telos: Volume 4«, which reminds the listener of…. Yes: Can! There are also some oriental sounds which set in later, taking after Tangerine Dream; and also Amon Düül II are raising their heads between psychedelic guitar-salvos and those stoned bass-lines. It seems as if Lumerians use »Transmissions« to fathom their musical heritage from which they draw, and to celebrate the spirit of Krautrock more than ever with this session-like record. Their debut-album on Knitting Factory Records from 2011 was already coined by instrumental music, but seemed to head to a much clearer direction with great conjuring tracks such as »Atlanta Brook«, serving as a mile stone. But this psychedelic new record neither has nor needs those tracks. When listening, it’s easy to notice how much fun it must have been to just go wild on a 15-minute track like the fourth one. And when assuming that the working method is similar to the previous album, it’s only logical that nothing was left to coincidence on »Transmissions From Telos: Volume 4«. Hence, there’s much more concept within this session than the record shows. Still, after four tracks, the feeling dominates that these recordings can’t display half as much as a live-performance of these tracks (including the band’s alleged awesome visuals) could.