Lust Pattern

Stand, Scatter

Dark Entries • 2023

Ryan Ambridge, who first came to prominence in the early 2010s with the Cold Wave project Linea Aspera alongside Zoé Zanias, has now released his latest solo work as Lust Pattern on the label where it all began: Dark Entries. Entitled ‘Stand, Scatter’, the four tracks are a perfect fit for the label, evoking the underground sound of the 1980s. The funky opener gets things off to a warm start, with soft guitars and live drums subtly alternating to give a gentle taste of what’s to come.  

»Choreography« cranks up the pulsating bass and pays homage to disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder, with no shortage of synthetic effects. Take a deep breath before the rest of the energy leaves your body. A dark voice approaches from behind in »It’s right there in front of you«, whispering unintelligible snippets of words that never quite reach the surface. The beat doesn’t really want to get going, dragging itself sadly to the closing piece, which is a little darker than the rest. Despite the jumps, the mix of electro-wave, funk and post-punk on »Stand, Scatter« works surprisingly well. A short-lived genre mix that lives up to its title.