YNFND • 2024

M.RUX’s new album »Rekorder« is like a dusty record box full of forgotten treasures waiting to be rediscovered. That’s the essence of M.RUX’s latest album, on which the German musician and DJ unleashes his musical prowess in a variety of ways. With instruments played with such passion that their sounds defy categorisation, M.RUX creates a sonic tapestry that is both pristine and heartfelt, devoid of superfluous theatrics and aimed straight at the soul. M.RUX seamlessly blends electronic soundscapes with alternative soul samples. Some beats and synth-heavy tracks exude dancefloor grooves, while others evoke a sense of tranquillity and loving bliss. On »Rekorder«, the Berlin-based artist masterfully captures the essence of an indefinable sound, breaking away from patterns and embracing a sense of liberation. A particularly captivating track on this album is »Chops«. With each successive note, the sounds unfold into a complex tapestry of deep basslines, expansive pads and bubbling synth melodies. It sounds introspective, almost meditative, as if M.RUX is leading his listeners into a transcendent experience. But it’s not an overt approach, rather a subtle one, hidden behind vibrant sonic façades, only revealed when the listener fully surrenders to the auditory journey.