Marco Polo

Port Authority

Soulspazm • 2007

Canada, eh? And still, on his new record, producer Marco Polo manages to assemble a cast of veritable North-American-All-Stars. It starts out with »Ohio’s Axel Schulz« Copywrite, who, despite physically lacking legs, still barks like a rabid Pitbull and impressively flattens Get Busy. Following are a furious O.C., a habitually thoughtful Masta Ace, a clever Wordsworth, a hungry JoJo Pellegrino on top of neatly cut vocal-samples, a relaxed Buckshot, a spitting Kool G Rap together with the listed-as-missing DV Alias Khrist (!), as well as the casually bored A.G., as we know him. JuJu, Sadat X, Kardinal Offishall, Edo G., Supastition, Kev Brown and Rock Marciano have their appearances amongst others, but all that fades in contrast to the huge Funk-mess created by The Radar with Large Pro on the mic. Easily listenable twenty times in a row, as I’ve just found out. The rest ranges between experienced Premier rip-off and a first-class makeover of the late nineties. Hence, not much to do with Next Level – but the dinosaurs want to be fed, too.