Michal Turtle

Same Songs, Different Room

Invisible, Inc. • 2023

If you’re a No Angels fan and have memorised the credits in the small print on the album covers, you might recognise the name Michal Turtle. As a producer, Turtle has worked with all sorts of bands. As a solo artist, he released »Music From The Living Room« in 1983 and then absolutely nothing for ages. Midway through the last decade, the man from Croydon regained the attention of music nerds with the help of the label »Music From Memory«. »Music From The Living Room« remains Turtle’s main work and masterpiece and has never been re-released. And that won’t change in the near future. For the 40th anniversary of the album, Michal Turtle didn’t just want to release a remastered version of the album, but remixed it and partly re-recorded it.

»Music From The Living Room«, the original, is a collection of six forward-thinking, strange electronic pieces, none of which is like any other. They have the groove and the experimental gene in their DNA in equal portions. Some tracks sound like proto-techno, others like a secret session between electric Miles Davis and dance-punk band ESG. »Same Songs, Different Room« scrapes off some of the production patina and removes the technical limitations of the old-school instruments Turtle used 40 years ago, without losing the spirit of the original recording. Whether it is the original »Music From The Living Room« or the reimagined »Same Songs, Different Room«, it remains an album that was as visionary a statement 40 years ago as it is today.