Nathan Salsburg

Landwerk No.3

No Quarter • 2023

The Ohio River has its source in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and flows for over 1,500 kilometres before merging into the Mississippi in Cairo, Illinois, after having traversed six states. When it passes Louisville, Kentucky, its water must be exceptionally good. At least when it comes to guitar music. Nathan Salsburg is from Louisville, Kentucky. When you hear him, you’ll immediately understand what I mean. It’s the clearest thing in the world. David Pajo (Papa M), Brian McMahan (Slint), Jason Noble (Rodan), David Grubbs (Bastro) and Will Oldham (Bonnie »Prince« Billie) are all from there. Nathan Salsburg has played with the latter, as has Jake Xerxes Fussell, another musician devoted to traditional folk. Salsburg’s folk is less traditional, and more modern and offbeat. He is vaguely reminiscent of the British artist Richard Youngs or the Charalambides, who come from Texas. His instrumental folk is wildly sprawling, and draws huge loops. This music is very deliberate, never too fast, always keeping its distance a little. He needs more than an hour for six pieces. Everything is constantly in flux. Just as you can stare at the water for hours without getting bored, »Landwerk No.3« is not monotonous either. »Ohio« means »good river« in the language of the Iroquois. And so it is.