Pel Mel

Late, Late Show

Efficient Space • 2023

Another overlooked band from Australia. Pel Mel were popular in the first half of the eighties and made very pleasantly reduced synth-pop. It was not even of the often icy neon variety, but rather very sensitive indie pop. They were less interested in the stoic simplicity of harmony and beat. Syncopation and the odd chord change were undoubtedly more important to them than the abrupt straightforwardness and emphasis on artificiality so typical of minimal wave. Pel Mel has more of the melodic charm that Stereolab later cultivated, without the Krautrock motor activity. Guitars and bass, or occasional drums, could always be served up if Pel Mel needed them. And as if that wasn’t nice enough, with »Late, Late Show« you can not only discover this band for yourself, if you are not already familiar with it, because there is also the complete EP to be rediscovered. For everyone. The previously unreleased material comes from the band’s last recording sessions and is spartan in character due to its demo nature. This is not a drawback, but a great strength. The sound is clear and uncluttered, with no unnecessary effects to distract from the material. Pretty much perfect.