Rogér Fakhr

Fine Anyway

Habibi Funk • 2021

And once again a piece of music history has been saved, or rather carefully archived in the form of vinyl. The Habibi Funk label has extracted something from the archives that not only enriches the pop history of the Arab world. Rather, another grandiose bridge to Western pop history has been revealed here. Rogér Fakhr, a musician who already appeared as a guitarist in Elisa Rahbani’s entourage, had also created his own compositions in the 1970s and recorded them. Most of the songs were written in Beirut, but some were written in Paris, which served as his exile for a short time. His music moves between Nick Drake and Sixto Rodríguez. Rogér Fakhr takes songwriting from the UK and the USA so well that at first you might think he was a previously undiscovered member of the guild who passed his demos on to the wrong hands and only failed to become a star of the folk scene because of it. The compilation of songs works as a classic compilation and as a »fictional« album at the same time.