Rosa Anschütz


Klangbad • 2024

»Interior«: inner life, soul, heart, feeling, sensation. Rosa Anschütz’s new album sounds like an ode to transience. Or is it vulnerability? Perhaps it is a mixture of both. Time shows us humans how finite we are. And this is reflected in many things: in the ghosts of the past, the pain of the present or somewhere in between. Like a spiritual mantra, you drift through the seven tracks on »Interior« and don’t know where one begins and the other ends. The Berlin artist’s third solo album longs for the time between moments that will soon be over. »In Too Firm Hands You Will Not Find Warmth,« sings Anschütz, whispering aphorisms into the breathy pool of sound that fills her voice. »Interior« plays with ambivalence, creating a space where we all somehow find a place: with our own stories, our own whispers and our pain. Yesterday pushes us into today and lets us dream of tomorrow. It’s an album for the quiet seconds between the minutes.