Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary

Evicted In The Morning

Disciples • 2023

As a drummer, Jason Nazary doesn’t have to worry about anything. The American can be found playing drums in jazz cellars, at the Improve Festival or on indie rock stages. It came as no surprise that he abandoned Anteloper, his craziest project, following the death of his trumpeter friend Jaimie Branch. The two connected the groove that pink dolphins swim forever! So we are all the more delighted that Nazary hooked up with the hobbyist brothers from Saint Abdullah. Both have been tinkering with their model kits for years. The sounds to be found on albums like »Where Do We Go, Now?« have something of the »Bitches Brew« about them… after three days in the k-hole. And since Jason Nazary has a weakness for the extreme, this noise yielded the perfect match. However, on »Evicted In The Morning«, released on the Warp offshoot Disciples, the destructive fury holds back. Saint Abdullah is sweeping the carpet smooth rather than taking off on it. But this doesn’t have to be the case anyway. Nazary can drum – and also lean back: not every moment of silence calls for rhythm records. What’s more, with Emilie Weibel and Petter Eldh, he has fished two musicians out of his address book who give the record exactly that dolphin drive we need to chirp out to Jaimie Branch one last time.