Spirit Fest

Bear In Town

Morr Music • 2023

»Bear In Town« is already the fourth album by the project of The Notwist singer Markus Acher and Japanese duo Tenniscoats, who continue to polish their unobtrusive indie-pop design in tip-toe fashion together with Cico Beck and Mat Fowler. In just six songs, Spirit Fest shows how well they all work together and how gently you can spread optimism by making music together. »Kou-Kou Land« and »Lost & Found« are typical Tenniscoats songs, playful and sweet as sugar, prime examples of Japanese kawaii. »In Our House« almost confuses the listener because Acher’s fragile, almost whispered voice fails to breathe »Pick up the phone…« or other Notwist lyrics into the mic, and »Like A Plane« from Acher’s solo EP of the same name from last year can be heard here in a new version, just as full of melancholy, but more fully orchestrated. On the title track »Hill Blo«, with its deeply relaxed bossa nova vibe, Tenniscoats frontwoman Saya once again sings with her inimitable, childlike verve, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to the lips of any grumpy soul. Trading the weight of the world for the lightness of the moment can sound so simple.