Spray Orchestra / Max Manuel

Transilvania / Energy

Miss You • 1982

Everyone is bawling about their holidays in Italy, but the sun has only been out for about three minutes. The new release on Miss You, the sub-label from the Berlin record shop and label Sound Metaphors, is nevertheless a good sign of things to come on the caretaker’s beach. With tracks by Spray Orchestra and Max Manuel, two squeaky clean disco balls revolve under the sold-out Discogs firmament. Finally, the Italian treasurer from the Italo era, Constantino Paolini, has once again lifted the lid on his private archives. The reissue of Patrizia Pellegrino’s »Automaticamore« was released last year – an Averna Sour anthem for bell bottoms and moustaches. With »Transilvania« and »Energy«, two numbers from 1982 flash across the turntable, which make you want to willingly stand in a holiday traffic jam on the Brenner Pass. »Transilvania« is like a weekend trip to Sanremo, shaken not stirred. »Energy«, which trained ears will recognise as a precursor instrumental to the aforementioned Pellegrino pearl, twirls two straws in a limoncello spritzer. Now all you need is a matching neck cushion for glitter, sparkle and good humour.