Dark Entries • 2022

Hi-NRG and electronic disco sounds, synth-pop and industrial in new or classic forms: the stylistic radius of Dark Entries is quite clearly defined. Elegant drone-dream-pop à la Grouper or Ekin Fil doesn’t really fit into the picture, but in the case of Sunfear, its inclusion is a welcome one. »Octopus« is the name of the debut album by Eylül Deniz, who was last heard on compilations by Kashual Plastik or Kalahari Oyster Cult and now weaves dense sound sculptures over ten tracks. Wafting guitar sounds and sometimes more, sometimes less effect-laden vocals play just as dominant a role as the Istanbul-based artist’s use of field recordings and electro-acoustic methods to build up dense layers. Here she moves closer to the classic folk song (»Wake Up Song« or »The Time«), there to the abrasive goth rock (»Fuck You« and »Lily and I«) and only rarely, as in the title track towards the end of the record, are rhythms woven into her floating, weightless sound. Deniz’s music lives from an emotional intimacy that is clothed in sonic ambivalences.