Sweater On Polo

Go Wild Harlem Trax

L.I.E.S. • 2023

Get ready to get down and dirty! It’s so easy to complain about so many producers being stuck in the past. Even no one has been talking about »Retromania« for a while now, the trend is still going strong and has become a normal part of the contemporary music landscape. As well as the forward-thinking artists who are taking old sounds and making something new out of them (which is still happening, of course), there’s also a whole bunch of people who are more interested in sticking to tradition and looking to the past for inspiration. Sweater On Polo’s new EP falls into the latter category. But in this case it doesn’t feel like a tired rehash of old ideas. Instead, the stripped back, raw sound and cheeky 303 squelches come across as a breath of fresh air. The secret may be that although the basic structure is tried and tested, there are enough little details to prevent it from sounding like the same old thing. The glassy percussive sounds of »Courts of Jack« and the sine wave of »Fresh Squeeze« are just two examples. These elements, combined with the reassuring clatter of the drum machine, ensure that the »Go Wild Harlem Trax« EP lives up to its name. Go wild? You bet!