Brainfeeder • 2013

Why? Because Thundercat’s second record could actually safe your life. Because it doesn’t give a single fuck about genres. Because it’s full of inspiration and ideas. The fact that Flying Lotus raved on about Stephen Bruner’s »Apocalypse« is not a promo-move but rather actual love for the record that he helped creating. It’s got »Lotus And The Jondy« with an incredible hook, »Heartbreaks + Setbacks« with an unbelievable Groove, »A Message For Austin/Praise The Lord/Enter The Void« with a heartbreaking finish – and everything has Bruner’s bass hovering above. Thundercat has captured beats, progrock, funk, jazz, indie and anything imaginable on this record in order to turn some vague sketches into an image of everyday life, sometimes turning out personally, sometimes more general. At the moment, »Apocalypse« is the best record of the last months from the whole Brainfeeder-surrounding, because Thundercat and Flying Lotus are on the same wavelength, because the really thought the album through without constructing it artificially. »Tenfold« sets the tone and shows that »Apocalypse« has a lure to it that pulls you deeper and deeper into the sound. Because this record is full of humor. Because Thundercat is an exceptional artist. Because everyone should listen to this record at least once in their lives. At least.