Tom Misch

Quarantine Sessions

Beyond The Groove • 2023

Yo, a coronavirus record! Not that there’s anything to be afraid of – no one will cough onto the back of your neck unasked at the elegiac reminder of toilet paper hoarding – but hey, a coronavirus record! Tom Misch perpetrated it because he had the time. After all, no one in Britain ever thought to interrupt their daily lallygagging to go out on the balcony and clap. Which is why he can now say in private, well, that was all really bad and everything, but actually I had a great time. With his guitar.. And James Blake, Solange and Nirvana. Misch borrowed songs from them for his »Quarantine Sessions«. You can’t keep coming up with an album that’s going to hit the UK charts or Freddie Gibbs’ inbox like that. A few things of his own managed to slip out from up Misch’s cargo shirt sleeve nevertheless. Those who watched the beautiful YouTube session with Marcos Valle will also know that the Copacabana was only a split screen away. And because we all dutifully pulled the coffee filter over our noses, we can now smell it again, that Teen Spirit.