Tsuki No Wa

Ninth Elegy

First On Vinyl • 2023

Sometimes there wasn’t even a question, but the answer still blew you away. This re-release here is a perfect case. The Japanese band Tsuki No Wa originally released »Ninth Elegy« on CD in 2000, which was both near and far at the same time. No one can say that the album has become a household name since then and that the masses have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new release. But now that it is here, it will add a little bit of magic to every listener’s experience of the world. Because »Ninth Elegy« is so big and so enigmatic and so unheard-of that it perfectly captures the most erogenous part of the human body, the region of the brain where curiosity is satisfied. Listening to this album, you find yourself in new territory, washed up, swept free and released into a labyrinth of Latin American percussion, pleading saxophone and crooked fiddle, post-rock habitus, folk melodies and, above all, Fuminosuke’s voice. This voice. A great performance, a false trail that leads in a non-direction until you reach enlightenment; it warbles and languishes, changes from aria to gentle groping, takes up all the space it can and in the next moment dispenses with the aftercare. Ah, so this is what it would have sounded like if Joni Mitchell, Beverly Glenn-Copeland and Phew had made an album together.