Various Artists

Borga Revolution Vol.2 (Ghanaian Dance Music 1983-96)

Kalita • 2023

Starting with the »Afro-Beat Airways« compilations by Analog Africa, record diggers, citizens of the world and dance lovers alike were able to deep-dive into the musical realms of West Africa. As with other compilation projects, the focus here was mainly on the flourishing seventies – and on the West Coast country of Ghana, which was considered the centre of the highlife scene. Those who wanted to take a look at the eighties however were often disappointed: During this decade, which brought lasting changes in the form of digital production and electronic music, especially in the so-called global north, things got very thin at times. That changed last year with »Borga Revolution! (Ghanaian Dance Music In The Digital Age, 1983-1992)« from Kalita Records. People finally found out about the social and political upheavals, unrest, poverty and the flow of refugees to Europe. Not slowly, but within a few years, the scene bled dry. At the same time, established musicians were undergoing a transformation, which can now also be heard on »Borga Revolution 2 (Ghanaian Dance Music 1983-96)«. Digital synthesisers have brightened up the musically dense image of highlife and Afrobeats, modernised it and given the beats this ultra-modern touch. Eleven tracks tell this story and get your hips moving. The twelve-page booklet provides the story and myriad facts about politics and musical change.