Various Artists

Get It Right: Afro Dub Funk & Punk of Recreational Records ’81-’82

Emotional Rescue • 2022

Recreational Records was a record label founded in 1981 by Bristol record shop Revolver Records. Together with Bristol Archive Records, Emotional Rescue has now salvaged 10 songs from the label to feature on the compilation »Get It Right: Afro Dub Funk & Punk of Recreational Records ’81-’82«. The double album opens with the track »In Rhythm«, recorded by Scream + Dance, and features local bands like Glaxo Babies, Maximum Joy and Rip Rig & Panic, as well as post-punk, funk and jazz. With »Wicked Dem« and »Run Come Girl«, Talisman, probably the biggest band in this selection still active today, are releasing a classic disco mix of vocal and dub. This is followed by Animal Magic, who put on a punk-funk spectacle with »Get It Right«, which gives the compilation its name. X-Cert’s »Untogether«, the Electric Guitar’s »Don’t Wake The Baby« and »Trash The Blad« by Animal Magic all deliver pieces of music underpinned by percussive rhythms and accompanied by a funky atmosphere. »Get It Right« is rounded off with the album-opening band Scream + Dance, who live up to their name with their track »In Pink & Black« and end the compilation with a smash hit.