William Basinski & Janek Schaefer

». . . On Reflection«

Temporary Residence • 2022

The fact that »…On Reflection« is an album for Harold Budd first became apparent shortly before William Basinski and Janek Schaefer released their new record together. Even the sound of this album could be dedicated to Budd who died two years ago. However, the five tracks were created over the last eight years and are thus rather artistically connected to Harold Budd since all the artists explore the world of ambient and experimental music and work on time and dissolution. Nevertheless, William Basinski and Janek Schaefer do not pay homage to Budd’s sound with »…On Reflection«. Rather »…On Reflection« drifts into much more formless spheres, and echoes, shadows and drone often determine the patterns that the tracks take on, while the remnants of melodies fall apart in the background. Basinski and Schaefer have put together fragile pieces and tracks on this album. Starting point: a piano piece from their joint archive that stands like a sad ghost in the corner, sometimes more, sometimes less in the album’s focus. More interestingly, though, »…On Reflection« burrows into your innermost being with every time you listen to it, retrieving memories from your subconscious. Basinski and Schaefer not only interweave sounds, but also capture a moment in time that is always evaporating. If you put »…On Reflection« on continuous loop, you may find a wordless meditation in it. In the end, the spirit is at the mercy of time. Harold Budd would probably have liked it.