Ilian Tape

Ilian Tape is a techno label which was founded in Munich in 2007 by the brothers Dario and Marco Zenker. Perhaps it is only logical that a pair of brothers who have not only grown up together, but have also accompanied each other in previous musical attempts, plan things longterm. The record label of the Zenker brothers (the same name the brothers have given to their joint producer/ Dj project) was always intended to be sustainable. The brothers explain that there is no firm label philosophy, however there is a common thread which runs entirely through the publications of Ilian Tape; it’s all about a family feeling. [It is important to us, to have good and friendly relations with our artists and to support them in every way possible.” they explain. “It is important that it has soul and groove!” Even though they stay open to interesting sounds from the techno spectrum, Ilian Tape is already fully occupied. “We got to know Stenny and Andrea from a gig in Turin and since then we have been friends. We know Skee Mask from Munich and Sciahri had simply sent us a demo.” recall the brothers of the arise of the relationship between artists and label. In addition to their releases and the contributions from bigger names of the electronic music scene for example Simian Mobile Disco and techno veteran Jonas Knopp, the Zenker brothers also publish their own music via Ilian Tape. “There is actually no reason, not to also publish your own things and it is nice to have the full control over a record. “A label is like a complex building and the records are the individual building blocks. It is fun, to develop both and to always have the eyes on the unique blocks and the complete works.” That includes all the way up to the stickers on the label, which are illustrated by Mother Zenker. Ilian Tape really remains a family affair.