Jazzman Records

Jazzman Records is an English record label from London, that re-releases rare soul, jazz and funk records. It was founded by Gerald Short in 1998. The universe of Jazzman Records includes numerous sub-label like FUNK45, SOUL7, Stark Reality, Soul Spectrum, Fryers and Jukebox Jam. Even before he founded the label, Gerald Short sought as record collector and as DJ Jazzman Gerald to recover rare and forgotten music and to provide a platform. Jazzman Records does the same job and makes this rare music for everyone available again. The label has specialized in Afro-American music from the last 60 years, the 1950s R & B, funk and soul of the 1960s and 1970s to contemporary jazz. So Jazzman Records repeatedly manages to put the focus on artists, who have been overlooked in the past but whose work deserves a reconsideration. Among them Jef Gilson, Gold, Brief Encounters, Owen Marshall, who can be rediscovered in the series of the label named »Holy Grail«. But also special compilations like »Florida Funk«, »California Funk« or »Spiritual Jazz« close gaps for a better understanding of Afro-American music.