ADULT. – 10 All Time Favs

ADULT. have been making music for more than 20 years now. And they still don’t want simple attributions, sunlight, self-deception. Instead they wanted to call us records, which they shaped, improved, formed.
Perception Is / As / Of Deception Black Vinyl Edition
Dais • 2020 • from 27.99€
Nicola Kuperus: It’s wild to think when this live performance was recorded Chavela was 83. I could listen to this recording at any time, regardless of my mood it is always perfect. The range in this album is what makes it my favorite of hers. You can feel her journey of being an artist and how time has changed her range and confidence.

Leaving Meaning
Mute • 2019 • from 27.99€
Nicola Kuperus: Hated this record when it came out in 2002, and now it’s one of my go to albums. I could listen to “I Don’t Know” every damn day for the rest of time. What I also love about this album is thinking about how bands get to be know for or classified by a certain song, aka Ghost Rider, which too me is so limiting. This album really speaks of their avant-garde nature to not give a fuck.

John Foxx
Edsel • 1980 • from 20.99€
Adam Lee Miller: This was the first album in my life that really effected my music at a young age. I would have purchased it around 1988 at a second hand record store in Indiana. I was in a punk band, but felt that trajectory had a limited life span. This album had everything I was looking for – such as; references to literature, confrontation through alien instrumentation and the CR78 as a strong, main drum machine (not backup for a live drummer). In 1996, I ran a short lived record label called Monoplaza – plaza being a reference to ‘Plaza’ on this record.

Virgin Prunes
...If I Die, I Die
Rough Trade • 1982 • from 14.99€
Adam Lee Miller: This is that album you buy too young (I probably got it in 1987) and have no idea how to process it. It would sit in my small record collection and periodically I would pick it up and try again. I couldn’t understand how strange and repetitive ‘Caucasian Walk’ was – but it was almost what I understood about “punk.” With that song, I at least had a comparison, where as songs like ‘Dave-Id is Dead’ were like a foreign language to me. But like any education it took time, and I am grateful for how much it taught me. And was excited to see years later reading the liner notes for the umpteenth time that Colin Newman from Wire produced it.

John Harrison
OST Creepshow Green Colored Vinyl Edition
Wax Work • 2017 • from 43.99€
Adam Lee Miller: We are huge horror soundtrack fans in this household. This is my favorite (next to ‘The Fog’ by John Carpenter). It is so easy to picture every scene with the music and the Juno 106 work is perfect. The Juno 106 was my first synth, but it wasn’t until years later I figured out the correlation.

Depeche Mode
Music For The Masses - The 12" Singles Collection
Sony • 2019 • from 94.99€
Adam Lee Miller: If you want a record to be with you for a long time, hit a telephone pole at 60 mph with out wearing a seatbelt while listening to it. In 1988, I slid on black ice while racing home to beat curfew in the Indiana countryside. I hit a telephone pole straight on and my face went into the windscreen and my knees blew out the dashboard. I crawled to a nearby farmhouse through the snow while Agent Orange played until the transformer wires fell on my car and ignited it.

Public Image Limited
This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get
Virgin • 1984 • from 13.99€
Adam Lee Miller: So many people say ‘Second Edition’ is their favorite P.I.L. album, but this is definitely mine. The synth work is incredible. ‘Tie Me to the Length of That’ takes ‘Chant’ from the ‘Second Edition’ to a whole new dimension. ‘The Order of Death’ is one of my favorite songs of all time! I just love the hypnotic repetition of this album that can quickly turn to in-your-face chants… and Lydon’s vocals are so perfectly angular and unexpected from song to song. We don’t like genre – Lydon wow!

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