Rafael Anton Irisarri – 10 All Time Favs

Ambient? Maybe. But with splinters of metal, neo-classical and other stuff. Rafael Anton Irisarri paints overwhelming sound paintings with thick brushstrokes. For us the American composer has revealed his influences.
Rafael Anton Irisarri
Peripeteia Transparent Red Vinyl Edition
Dais • 2020 • from 21.99€
Rafael Anton Irisarri: Possibly my favorite albums of all time. “Not Yet Remembered” perhaps my favorite piece on the album. I’ve heard this record more times than I can count, since I was like 16 or so. Every time I listen to it, I find something knew, I discover a new secret. Harold Budd is so dear to me. An amazing gentleman and kind soul. When I first started out releasing music, I sent him a copy of my first album, »Daydreaming« and he actually wrote me back, a very short note that read: »Absolutely wonderful Rafael.« Much like his piano playing: economy of notes & words, but incredibly impactful.

Music On Vinyl • • from 28.99€
Rafael Anton Irisarri: “Souvlaki” was the soundtrack to my loner late-teenage years. I had barely any friends and music became a way for me to cope with the fact I didn’t seem to belong anywhere. I’ve become good friends with Simon Scott from Slowdive and have collaborated & toured with him on a multitude of occasions. It all feels very full circle, but also dreamlike in a way. When I was 17, never in a million years I’d have imagined this being a possibility. Anything can happen in life I suppose!

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