Die 10 besten Musikbücher des Jahres 2022

Das Verhältnis zu Musik kann sich verbessern oder verschlimmern), je mehr du darüber liest. Wir haben 10 erkenntnisreiche Musikbücher aus dem Jahr 2022 zusammengestellt.

Irgendwie ironisch: Da hatten zwei Jahre lang alle ausreichend Zeit, dicke Bücher zu schreiben, und dann kommen sie raus und es hat kaum jemand die Ruhe zum Lesen. Ein Glück, dass Papier geduldig ist. In den folgenden zehn Büchern aus dem Jahr 2022 wurde auch viel Zeit investiert, ob nun für intensive Recherche und akribische Auswertung oder weil ihre Sujets selbst ein gehöriges Alter vorweisen können.

Der Berliner Tresor schenkte sich zum 31. Geburtstag – 2021 war ja irgendwie niemandem so wirklich zum Feiern zumute – selbst ein Buch, das noch gemeinsam mit der in diesem Jahr verstorbenen Regina Baer zusammen erarbeitet wurde. Sie ist nicht die einzige in dieser Liste, die zu früh von uns gegangen ist: Natürlich gehörte das neue Buch über J Dilla in diesem Jahr (oder nächsten, wann ihr eben dazu kommt) ebenso zur Pflichtlektüre wie das zu Biggie und unser aller greatest love of all, Whitney Houston.

Es sind nicht die einzigen Beispiele sorgfältiger Geschichtsschreibung: Ob nomadische Soundsysteme, feministische Musikgeschichte, Turntable-Design oder der French Touch und ein Kraftwerk-Album: Die Top 10 Bücher des Jahres 2022 bieten allerdings Einsichten in die Vergangenheit. Gut, dass Quincy Jones uns da noch ein paar Ratschläge für die Zukunft mitgibt. In der kommen wir dann hoffentlich auch dazu, all diese Bauziegel aus Papier zu lesen. Kristoffer Cornils

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Dan Charnas
Dilla Time: The Life And Afterlife Of J Dilla, The Hip-Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm
Macmillan • 2022 • from 29.99€

Even walking J Dilla encyclopaedias who can recite every sample source in their sleep will still learn something here. »Dilla Time: The Life And Afterlife Of J Dilla, The Hip-Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm« not only puts J Dilla's personal history and music into their historical contexts, but also zooms deep into the rhythm magic of James DeWitt Yancey, both linguistically and graphically. Dan Charnas has achieved a rare feat with this comprehensive monograph, for which he interviewed over 150 people and put every B-side under the microscope.

Kristoffer Cornils
Gerrick Kennedy
Didn't We Almost Have It All: In Defense Of Whitney Houston
Abrams • 2022 • from 20.79€

Actually, everything has already been said about Whitney Houston, just not by everyone. Former Los Angeles Times reporter Gerrick Kennedy didn't write a classic biography of the »most decorated artist« with »Didn't We Almost Have It All - In Defense Of Whitney Houston,« but the book is still serves as, for example, a mirror to the media world and what they've made of the »I Will Always Love You« singer. Spoiler Alert: nothing good! Christoph Benkeser

Christoph Benkeser
Gideon Schwartz
Revolution: The History Of Turntable Design
Phaidon • 2022 • from 80.70€

We also listen with our eyes and no one knows this better than Gideon Schwartz. After the expert for audio design already presented quite a blockbuster for the publisher Phaidon with »Hi-Fi: The History of High-End Audio Design,« he now presents the next one with »Revolution - The History Of Turntable Design.« Schwartz makes a good 70 years of design history comprehensible with the help of all kinds of very different turntables and does it in a vivid way: His texts are accompanied by roughly 300 pictures. You can't balance a 1200 on it, but this book nonetheless offers a solid foundation for hi-fi nerds and design freaks alike.

Kristoffer Cornils
Harry Harrison
Dreaming In Yellow: The Story of the DiY Sound System
Velocity Press • 2022 • from 17.99€

The pandemic, or rather the restrictions that came with it, have rekindled an interest in free-tek and nomadic sound systems, and who better to give all the late-borns a glimpse into the mechanics of a moving wall of speakers than Harry Harrison? He has since settled in the countryside, but once travelled the world on bass frequencies as a member of the sound system DiY. »Dreaming In Yellow. The Story of the DiY Sound System« tells the story of the great spirit of optimism during the nineties that is never really sober and only sometimes sobering to read.

Kristoffer Cornils
Juliane Streich (Hg.)
These Girls, Too: Eine Feministische Musikgeschichte
Ventil • 2022 • from 21.99€

Geschichtsschreibung ist nicht monolithisch und deshalb auch niemals erschöpfend. »These Girls, Too – Eine Feministische Musikgeschichte«, herausgegeben von Juliane Streich und veröffentlicht bei Ventil, ergänzt und erweitert die historischen Interventionen, die der Sammelband »These Girls - Einträge in die feministische Musikgeschichte« durch hundert weitere Einträge, die den Frauen und Gender-Renegat:innen der Musikgeschichte gewidmet sind. Stilistisch wie inhaltlich ergibt sich ein heterogenes Miteinander verschiedener Herangehensweisen und Perspektiven, was wiederum als publizistisches Statement verstanden werden kann. Diskursiv und lehrreich, fun und nahbar. Kristoffer Cornils

Kristoffer Cornils
Justin Tinsley
It Was All A Dream: Biggie And The World That Made Him
Abrams • 2022 • from 29.59€

You could pin this book to the wall because of its cover, but because at 336 pages, it weighs as much as Madlib’s record collection, you flip through it instead and get stuck in it. Even those who celebrate Biggie as a legend forever should find some news to nerd out about between foreword and index. After all, Justin Tinsley not only put a mic under the noses of Biggie’s former neighbours, friends and DJs, but also talked to the family of the »best rapper ever« (cf. Billboard).

Christoph Benkeser
Martin James
French Connections
Velocity Press • 2022 • from 17.99€

Much, much ink has been spilled over the story of Daft Punk, but seldom has anyone zoomed out to provide a glimpse at the bigger picture. Martin James has now done so, drawing not only from many sources and conversations, but also from his own experiences. »French Connections« follows a reissue of his drum'n'bass or rather jungle bible »State of Bass« and proves once again that James is a narrator who is as knowledgeable as he is sober. Although he himself invented the term French Touch, he does not get involved as a protagonist and is always concerned about painting a nuanced picture. The history of the French Touch sound could have hardly been written down more meticulously than that.

Kristoffer Cornils
Quincy Jones
12 Notes On Life And Creativity
Abrams • 2022 • from 22.49€

Quincy Jones was behind the controls when everyone from Aretha to the Prince of Bel Air wrote pop history, came home with 27 Grammys and holds an honorary Oscar (whatever that is!). With »12 Notes On Life And Creativity,« the (literally) seasoned record producer gives great advice like »Turn your pain into a goal« or »Do what's never been done before.« If you don’t find solid advice on these 192 pages, that’s on you! Christoph Benkeser

Christoph Benkeser
Steve Tupai Francis
Computer World
33 1/3 • 2022 • from 19.99€

Yesterday's futures are already a thing of the past today, and yet the visions of the future still reverberate. Steve Tupai Francis' exploration of Kraftwerk's 1981 album »Computer World« brings it into the context of posthumanism, cybernetics and cultural anthropology in this, as usual, slim yet dense volume from Bloomsbury's 33 ⅓ series. The central theme he identifies in the seven pieces, which were as seminal (»Numbers«!) as they were prescient (»Computer Love«!), is that of transition, of the passage between different states as much as the change that accompanies it. Kristoffer Cornils

Kristoffer Cornils
Tresor: True Stories
The Early Years German Edition
Tresor • 2022 • from 48.99€

Finally, yet another look at Berlin techno's big bang! The cover of »Tresor: True Stories. The Early Years« doesn’t bear founder Dimi Hegemann’s mug shot, but like Regina Baer, Thomas Fehlmann and Jeff Mills he is allowed to extensively wax poetic about the past. To make the 49,99,- worth your buck, the coffee-table book includes 400 photos, faxes and flyers that no one has ever seen (since way back then, at least). What can one say: true story! Christoph Benkeser

Christoph Benkeser

Der Vinyl-Jahresrückblick 2022

Was waren die besten Schallplatten des Jahres?

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