Guest Mix: Coco María

She serves unheard music for breakfast every day on Worldwide FM. She also plays festivals around the world and is always on the lookout for records that inspire her. Born in Mexico and living in Amsterdam, DJ Coco María travels the world celebrating the unifying element of music. She has put together a 60-minute mix for us.

Today we get up in Costa Rica, inhale the first coffee of the day in Brazil and pray towards the sun from the Caribbean. Sounds like a denial of reality? You can do it every day with Coco María! The Mexican DJ hosts her own »Breakfast Club«. On Worldwide FM, the online radio station of all-round listener Gilles Peterson, Coco María spins records four times a week that raise the barometer of good mood even at sub-zero temperatures in Central Europe. So if you sip your coffee to cuts from the South American 70s, love vintage speakers and wire rotary mixers next to monstera plants, Coco Maria is the place for you.

After all, Ana Lucia, as Coco María is called, is a digger with an awareness of the Instagrammability of vinyl. When she digs through backrooms and basements full of record towers, over 30,000 people are watching. Constantly searching for new sounds is her great love, she once told Mixmag. During her childhood in northern Mexico, she spent hours in malls to buy that one record with a few pesos. Today, she fills her record case all over the world.

Denial of reality as a principle

Whether for sets at the Dekmantel or sessions at the We Out Here Festival – their tour calendar takes them through time zones and jetlag. Berlin tomorrow, New York next week, Melbourne for New Year. In between, she guides vinyl nerds through the most famous record shop in her adopted hometown of Amsterdam or chats about mental health in electronic music in podcasts.

Most recently, Coco María has also put together an LP for the Geneva label Les Disques Bongo Joe. On it, she swindles her own voice alongside pieces between bossa vibes and cumbia rhythms. No question: It should have been only a matter of time that Coco María went from digging to DJing and now to producing.