Harmonious Thelonious – 10 All Time Favs

With »Plong« Stefan Schwander shakes the foundations of club music. His new solo album as Harmonious Thelonious lets everyday noises develop an eerie life of their own. He told us which 10 records have have shaped, improved and formed him.
Harmonious Thelonious
Bureau B • 2020 • from 27.99€
Harmonious Thelonious: A.C. Jobim and Elis Regina with mostly classics. The arrangement and above all the timing of their singing is unique… also the fun they can convey through the record grooves!

Unlimited Edition
Spoon • 1974 • from 28.49€
Harmonious Thelonious: Astonishing, Confusing… the small sticker on the plate writes. A contemporary production from the Congo with some support from Konono Nº1 Absolute dancefloor hammer: »Nganshe«.

The Fall
Room To Live
Superior Viaduct • 1982 • from 29.99€
| ###HHV:497134 :Vinyl LP###
Harmonious Thelonious: Englishman Ian Mcdonell processes samples from the Middle East into industrial, partly anthemic, noisy tracks… Great artwork, very decisive production, no compromises. Big!

Tolouse Low Trax
Decades Vol.3/3
Antinote • 2017 • from 12.99€
Harmonious Thelonious: In general, all editions from the music-ethnological department for ethnology in Berlin are recommended if you have an increased interest in African music. This double LP was given to me by a friend, with the remark that it reminds him of my music. What a compliment! The xylophone tracks on the A-side are incredible!

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