Guest Mix: Niklas Wandt

This man have a lot of drums and generally made quite a lot. Now he has also recorded a DJ mix. In it, everything is possible. It’s Niklas Wandt.

Niklas Wandt has a few years under his belt, the lad from the Bergische region says so himself. Since life rarely goes straight, you have to take a deep breath before announcing Niklas Wandt. Sometimes he does, because the drummer and percussionist has a so-called radio voice, which is why he speaks for the radio, for example for the Jazz Night on WDR, where you can hear him regularly.

But Niklas Wandt doesn’t get bored with saying anything either, because he has a lot of great drums that he can drag into the middle of the world for projects like the Modern Floor Coverings or with Jan Schulte, where he sometimes lets the fashion icon hang out, with a fisherman’s hat and so on.

Intergalactic bullshitting

But sometimes it doesn’t need any of that, especially when Niklas Wandt does it alone, like on one of his last records »Solar Müsli«, a funny name, just like a lot of things are funny with Niklas Wandt. And then there’s the club and the dancefloor, and because the drumming works so well, it can also be done on the drum computer, but then with the spark that jumps over, or also with boom, as recently for WARNING from Berlin.

Yes, Niklas Wandt can really do a lot. In the early 2000s it was probably called multitasking, today it’s called content creation and that’s quite nice: being a DJ, producing, influencing a bit, but ironically somehow, Niklas Wandt would also admit that, because that’s what he’s good for, the fun. In this way, he manages to do what many people can’t: intellectually bullshit, not the other way around, but actually achieve something proper, not to say official, with complete skill.