Guest Mix: Younger Than Me

Younger Than Me is the DJ link between the sensitive panorama sound of Massimiliano Pagliara and the tifosi techno of Gabber Eleganza – the Italian has recorded a mix for us that shows his penchant for 90s wax.

Francesco Mingrino aka Younger Than Me, DJ and producer from Ciao-Bella-Italia, would never talk about his age: Why would you when you’re forever young, live in Berlin and produce good music that plays in clubs or at HÖR? That’s why Mingrino never has the stupid idea of explaining his name. Younger Than Me, after all, is a fitting name since he no longer shares the project with fellow founder Marcello Carozzi. The two had produced records for Dischi Autunno and Bordello A Parigi – the duo went their separate ways during the pandemic, and Mingrino has been striving into the darkness solo as the ragazzo of rave ever since.

Mingrino also founded the 90’s Wax label a few years ago. A flood of releases hasn’t hit the dancefloors recently or even before that. But the few records sold well because several things come together: the 90s, the rave, the vinyl, a love story in three acts, for which sentimentality peels itself semi-automatically from memory. The fact that they occasionally greet you from the tiled Matrix on Hasenheide and play their sets with their own material goes down just as well with those who appreciate it.

With its not-completely-on-macho-bumbum-but-not-just-gaygroovy-at-the-nipple-twist sound, Younger Than Me is the link between the sensitive panoramic sound of Massimiliano Pagliara and the tifosi techno of Gabber Eleganza. But it doesn’t always have to lead forza to Fortuna. Mingrino also masters what friends of the feuilleton all too readily describe as quiet tones. This may be a clear indication of what the Italian can do and therefore does. In any case, Younger Than Me has recorded a mix for us, after listening to which there is at least one thing you won’t be: Younger Than Before.