Herrmutt Lobby – 10 Favourites

We ask musicians for 10 tracks, by which they were formed, reformed and cultured and we also ask them to comment on the selection. This time Herrmutt Lobby adressed themselves to this task brilliantly.

We ask musicians for 10 tracks, by which they were formed, reformed and cultured and we also ask them to comment on the selection. This time Herrmutt Lobby could adress themselves to this task. The two Belgians appeared as innovators in the music software and hardware sector in recent years. Thereby they also use their equipment at times with the joystick. They just released their new EP on Eat Concrete »Haters Gonna Hate«

1 – »Discrete Mathematic« by Cupp Cave
taken from the 12" »Garbage Pall Beats«, Thin Consolation 2008
Meeting Francois had a big impact on our aesthetic. I think around 2007 after a few month of camping at his house our styles kind of merged at some points, resulting an EP as Bretzel Zoo. This track is incredible, it’s our Top 1. Fun fact: The Guy owns a mole.

2 – »Los Ninos Del Parque« by Liaisons Dangereuse
taken from the 12" »Los Ninos Del Parque«, Mute 1982
Nowadays in Belgium there are just few vinyl stores, but in 1988 the Newbeat scene was so popular that we could find new beat LPs and acid buttons in our small village, at Mr Heuslish’s cornershop! Listening to Los Ninos Del Parque in my big brother’s room was a really strong experience for me.

3 – »It’s Them« by Themselves
taken from the LP »Them«, Anticon 1999
Themselves made us realize that it was many ways to play electronic hip hop live.An amazing record, historical.

4 – »My Brother The Doctor« by Upsilon Acrux
taken from the LP »Galapagos Momentum«, Cuniform Records 2007
Freedom, Science, Rhythm, Structure, Precision… that song is so exciting. It makes us feel like dummies.

5 – »Balek« by Placebo
taken from the LP »1973«, CBS 1973
Find it at hhv.de: CD*
We know this track inside and out. This Belgian project drived by Marc Moulin was sampled by J Dilla amongst others.

6 – »Down Is Up« by Moondog
taken from the LP »Moondog 2«, CBS 1971
He mixed so many influences, invented musical instruments and live like a celeste bum. You always feel better after listening to his unique and universal music.

7 – »D-Frost Beats« by Hearin’ Aid
taken from the 12" »Data Bwoy EP«, Eat Concrete 2008
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch
We didn’t integrate a lot of his codes in our music yet, but we would like to. The geometry of the groove is ultra »physical« you can always imagine him dancing on his shit. He actually is an amazing dancer and producer sind the early 80s. A must-have!

8 – »Afro Disco Beat« by Tony Allen with African 70
taken from the LP »Progresse«, Phonogram 1975
Find it at hhv.de: LP*
70s Afrobeat is the music e’d like to play in 15 years. There are tons of patterns that sound both unknown and familiar at the same time.

9 – »Scarlet Jungle« by Strange U
taken from the forthcoming 12" »Scalet Jungle«,Eglo Records 2013
This is kinf of confidential for now but this is pure heat. There’s already a video on the label’s website

10 – »Kitty Cradle Frog« by Dimlite
taken from the LP »My Human Wears Acedia Shreds«, Now-Again 2011
This is the modern artist we list the most, like everyday. It was hard to pick a track, every album is very »generous«. He is the perfect mix of this top ten.