Sweatson Klank – The Crucial Question

With »You, Me, Temporary« Thomas Wilson has just released his magnum opus. In terms of beats music in Los Angeles, he is a pioneer not a follower. For this fact we aks him just one question, no frills.

Before the LA Beat thing with Low End Theory took off, in 2003 you pushed the whole movement with your Sketchbook party. How was it back then to create a party with a then still unfamiliar sound?

Sweatson Klank: In the early days of the beat scene, before Low End theory, I ran a party with Kutmah called Sketchbook. This was the first »beat« night in Los Angeles and it was the beginning of a lot of great things to come. The Sketchbook party was a small party. i t was mostly attended by producers and dj’s who were interested in pushing the sound of hip hop and electronic music to new heights. We had all kinds of guests and regulars from a young Flying Lotus, to Ras G, Dibiase, Prefuse 73 and even Prince one time… Eventually, we ended the party as it had been going for 5 years, from there Low End Theory picked up the torch where we left off and things grew very fast.