Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All – Live on August 20th at Huxleys in Berlin

Foto: Christoph Voy
The hip hop collective from L.A. demonstrates with their show, if you feel entertained yourself, you can also entertain the audience. Here the madness has system and is unstoppable. The chaos ist the principle that unites everthing.
The L.A. Hip Hip collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All were back in Berlin on Monday with their pop-up shop »Sweatshop« and concert at Huxley’s Neue Welt. Both events attracted hoards of autograph and instagram hunting fans dressed in Odd Future gear: »OF« neon donut socks , »Golf Wang« caps with the signature inverted cross or the cat T-shirt. The boys, not much older than their fans, remained chill and were more than happy to sign caps, T-shirts and stomachs though sometimes Tyler would bellow »Back up! Back the fuck up!«, making the fans uneasy for a second before realizing he was just playing.
The concert started off with Taco Djing on his own playing different tunes like Jay-Z and Kanye West’s »Niggas in Paris«, dancing his ass off like he was in front of his bedroom mirror. Gradually the rest of the gang, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Jasper Dolphin, Tyler the Creator, Mike G and Left Brain, blasted on stage with a force of fury and confidence. The boys are entertaining because they are entertained themselves. They play off each other, talk shit on stage and giggle at what the others are doing – they might as well be in their studio having a jam session if it weren’t for the crowd interaction: »I fucking hate Nick Cannon! Who do you guys hate?« asked Tyler. »My stepmother!» shouts a purple-haired, black-clad, piercing-covered girl who didn’t follow the fresh, hipster scheme of the other fans. »Fuck your stepmother!» Tyler replies getting the girl in a frenzy.

During the first ten seconds of »The OF Tape Vol. 2» single »Rella« Hodgy Beats jumped into the crowd but his surf failed. All of sudden a »Ow, my balls! My balls!« can be heard from somewhere in the crowd. The music stops and the other boys laugh. He gets through the crowd, trots back onto stage, shrugging the fail off and the music starts again the entertaining effect of his accident so potent that it could have been planned. Despite the sound system messing up a couple of times and the unbearable heat (»It’s as hot as the deep south in hurr. Where we eat friiiiied chicken and friiiied chicken stew,« Mike G drawls with a fake Southern accent) the boys kept the crowd pumped, a punk rock show-like mosh pit forming towards the middle of the show. As chaotic as this collective is on stage it is a constant flow of chaos that unites them, their music and the fans not letting them exit the Odd Future madness until the very end.