Palmbomen II – 10 All Time Favs

Pictures and sounds could never really be separated from each other with Palmbomen II. His new record, »Make A Film,« provides the music for the moving pictures that we all have yet to shoot. What music inspires him when composing film music, the Dutch producer has told us now.
Palmbomen II
Make A Film
World Of Paint • 2021 • from 26.99€
Palmbomen II: The »old« Tangerine Dream are for me a big inspiration with their 80s soundtracks. They scored some of my favorite movies like »Miracle Mile«, but the »Risky Business« soundtrack is the best for me. And there is this »Movie Kit«, which is almost my concept I’m doing now, a kit with all the different pieces for the movie, even shorter versions of pieces for promos.

Lau Laursen – Steps Of Alignment (Quest Sound Consult (1987)
Palmbomen II: I have a collection of new age tapes that I can always find in second hand shops and flea markets. I love these and they inspire me a lot. This one I love but I could have placed a lot of other cassettes here. A lot of times these cassettes are composed by anonymous composers, I feel they were a bit ashamed because they were maybe a »serious« musician and did these tapes for money.

Angelo Badalamenti
OST Music From Twin Peaks
RHINO • 1990 • from 26.99€
Palmbomen II: I love these musique concrète kind of productions mixed with composers who wrote for these, such a nice combination. A lot of this kind of music sounds normally a bit boring to me because it is always production first, but I like the cooperative working between producers (of which one of them is the famous Delia Derbyshire) and many TV composers which created these inspiring film pieces.

Herman van Veen – Zingt En Vertelt Van Alfred Jodocus Kwak En Zijn Vriendjes Deel 1 (Harlekijn) (1990)
Palmbomen II: Alfred Jodocus Kwak was a pretty large animated series that was really big when I grew up and I grew up with all these tapes that contained the music and stories of this. It has really pretty synth scores.

Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)
OST Uncut Gems
Warp • 2019 • from 31.99€
Palmbomen II: I was a young kid when I played this for the first time and it introduced me to so much music. It is one of the ultimate soundtracks for me. Like a cultural capsule on a moment of time. This is one of the best ones in the GTA series for me. My dream came true when they used my music for a later part of GTA.

Enya – Shepherd Moons (Warner) (1991)
Palmbomen II: I feel Enya always has been ridiculed by music snobs and I always felt it has some kind of sexist base. I feel she has been mocked because of not using »cool synthesizers« or »crazy drums« but just stayed really close to her compositions and using a keyboard and her voice. This album is peak for me, and it has the same melancholic mood that I look for when I compose, it’s not about the production but about the composition, and I love that.

David Weis – Donkey Kong Country Trilogy (Nintendo) (1996)
Palmbomen II: Console music and SNES music in particular, has always been something special to me. In these limited surroundings of what these consoles can do to create tiny synthesizers and to compose as creatively as possible with them, as with Enya, it is about the notes and to be creative as you can with your compositions. This soundtrack is peak, it is such an inspiration for soundtracking for me. Best on here must be Aquatic Ambience, kind of a classic that everybody knows in my surroundings.

Palmbomen II
Make A Film
World Of Paint • 2021 • from 26.99€