Sven Wunder picks 10 records that have shaped, improved and educated him

For several years now, Swedish composer Sven Wunder has been astounding audiences with his finely arranged, casually grooving music. Now his new album »Late Again« is out. Time to ask what music has left such an impression on him.

Sven Wunder would prefer that we just listen to the music and finally stop discussing his name. So we do .Whether the 39-year-old Stockholm native, who produces for television and cinema for a living, is called Sven Wunder or Joel Nils Danell doesn’t matter anyway.

As a jazz musician, he simply plays with a band of acquaintances good library music, which some also call rare groove, i.e. jazz or funk or soul, which sounds a bit different because he grabs the local colour from different instrumental parts of the world – for example from the Anatolian hinterland as on »Eastern Flowers« or from a Japanese matcha ceremony as on »Wabi Sabi«.

»Natura Morta«, Sven Wunder’s last album, was released in 2021. The nocturnal successor »Late Again« is being released these days. If you take a look at the mood board disguised as a Spotify playlist, you quickly get an idea of the direction it will take. Henry Mancini and Pierro Umiliani set the mental cinema in motion, bossa nova, folk and habibi funk make the globe spin. Strings sweep from Air to Studio Ghibli to the Middle East. And suddenly a record is created under which people write on YouTube: It sounds like a soundtrack from the seventies!

These »soundtracks« are released on Piano Piano, the label that Sven Wunder runs together with his partner John Henriksson. Since their first releases in 2019, they’ve had to call the pressing plant every few months because people are ripping the records out of their sleeves. It won’t be any different with »Late Again«. Now the man behind the Wunder has told us ten albums that have shaped, mended and educated him.

Ennio Morricone
Vergogna Schifosi
Ariete • 1969 • from 29.99€

Sven Wunder: I absolutely love this soundtrack. Maestro Ennio Morricone at his finest.

Chet Baker 
 Motivo Su Raggio Di Luna / Il Mio Domani
RCA Victor • 1962 •

Sven Wunder: »Il Mio Domani« is probably the song that I’ve listened to the most. It’s on constant repeat.

Sebastian Hinz
Rogério Duprat 
 A Banda Tropicalista Do Duprat
Philips • 1968 •

Sven Wunder: A friend of mine introduced me to this album in my early 20s. It changed the way I perceive music and opened a lot of doors for me. His version of »Honey« is absolute perfection.

Sonny Rollins Trio
St Thomas: Sonny Rollins Trio In Stockholm 1959
Dragon • 1984 • from 19.99€

Sven Wunder: One of my first big loves in jazz. I had it in my Walkman throughout my high school years.

Elysian Spring
Glass Flowers
Le Très Jazz Club • 1969 • from 34.99€

Sven Wunder: There is an amazing atmosphere captured on this record. I love the artwork as well.

Sebastian Hinz
Dorothy Ashby 
 Dorothy's Harp
Cadet • 1969 •

Sven Wunder: Also a discovery in my early 20s that had a big impact on my listening. Lyrical melodic phrasing and lush orchestral arrangements. What’s more to ask for?

Yusef Lateef
Jazz Mood
Savoy Records • 1957 • from 24.99€

Sven Wunder: Lateef is way ahead of his time here. Modal jazz tunes to die for, recorded in 1957.

Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Columbia • 1993 • from 29.99€

Sven Wunder: By the age of eight, I was blown away by this album. I still am.

Sebastian Hinz
Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, George Szell And The Cleveland Orchestra 
 La Mer / Daphnis Et Chloe, Suite No. 2 / Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte
Epic • 1963 •

Sven Wunder: My mother and I always listened to this album while growing up. It affected me a lot and shaped my path into music.

Sebastian Hinz