On »Late Again«, the Swedish composer Sven Wunder focuses on the night


Sven Wunder‘s albums are known to be driven by a particular motif, be it the Eastern Mediterranean (»Eastern Flowers«, 2019), Japanese art (»Wabi Sabi«, 2020) or the relationship between humans and nature (»Natura Morta«, 2021). His fourth album is no exception. »Late Again« is dedicated to the night.

As if all the stars were laughing

So what does the night sound like? »First of all, you need to present music in a gentle way,« Sven Wunder tells us in the interview. »All sounds that you can’t notice during the day, might appear at night. Your emotional register might change and you may experience sounds differently, but most importantly it’s our perception of what the night might sound like. Just like Chopin’s night-inspired Nocturnes written in the first half of the 19th century that captured this feeling so well. Sven Wunder tells us in the interview.«

For Sven Wunder, the ten pieces he worked on for several years and again recorded with some of Sweden’s best jazz musicians, were an artistic challenge. »Jazz ballads like these contain a lot of chords and melodies that require both a lot of time and hard work to write. This new album contains music that I have collected and worked on for many years,« says the Stockholm-based musician.

Limited Edition already 5 weeks in advance

»Late Again« will be released on September 29, 2023 on his own label Piano Piano. John Henriksson is once again responsible for the picturesque artwork. Already in August 25, 2023, »Late Again« will be pre-released in a white vinyl edition limited to 300 copies via HHV Records. Don’t be late on this.