50-minute drone trip from Coil is reissued


This record fits in yoga studios, late-night study circles and post-holiday food comas: »Queens of the Circulating Library« is Ritalin-coagulated music, a 50-minute drone exercise in deep-listening. The album is by Coil, the British wreckers of the universe – it is said to be the only record made without Peter Christopherson. That was in 2000. 23 years later, the US label Dais cranks up the Time Machine.

Hare Krishna of Cheerfulness

Anyone who has taken the Esotrip under the Nordmann fir at Christmas, chews on vines in tired moments or redeems the Hare Krishna of cheerfulness in the muke of La Monte Young will find new beliefs in »Queens of the Circulating Library«. What John Balance and Thighpaulsandra (Timothy Lewis) spout into the ether over the course of just under an hour is conceptual head gardening – to stretch, to go into oneself, to crash. Release date is January 13th, 2023.