The Überjazz Festival is back, in full glory


The Überjazz Festival is back, in its old and thus also in its best form. After a pandemic break and a slimmed-down club edition last year, one of Germany’s most important jazz festivals returns in all its glory. 24 artists will perform in the four Kampnagel halls over two days. The audience can let themselves be blown back and forth between the venues.

All that Jazz

The line-up is big, the jazz concept no less so. For example, Erobique is there as well as Max Herre – both, however, on musical side quests, Erobique with Florence Adooni and thus gospel, Herre with the band WEB WEB and their power jazz.The omnipresent sound poet Alabaster DePlume, the British king of the trumpet, Matthew Halsall, the new International Anthem sensation Bex Burch.Eddie Chacon is coming, John Carroll Kirby is coming. What about you?

Überjazz Festival in Hamburg
03Nov 2023
Hamburg • Kampnagel Hallen
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04Nov 2023
Hamburg • Kampnagel
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