Dur-Dur Band bring the magic of Somali pop music to Berlin


It is hard to imagine today that Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, still had a vibrant nightlife in the 1980s. Once famous as the »Pearl of East Africa«, the city has been repeatedly affected by military conflicts and Islamist terror. Many Somalis, including most artists, fled abroad and live scattered around the world.

Berlin Sessions

Among them were the members of the Dur-Dur Band International, one of the best-known formations of those golden years, at least musically. With their fusion of traditional Somali styles, Indian music and Western pop, the band dominated the scene and was also popular in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya.A good ten years ago, alumni of the Major Major Band met in London and started working together again. Most recently, the album »The Berlin Sessions«, which was made before the pandemic, was released at the beginning of the year. Now there is finally another chance to witness the magic of Somali pop music on stage. More than just a history lesson, the band definitely succeeds in reviving the magic of their past.

The Dur-Dur Band International will play live at Club Gretchen in Berlin on October 7, 2023. By the way, the Gretchen celebrates its 12th birthday on this day. They couldn’t have given themselves a better present.

Dur Dur Band live
07Oct 2023
Berlin • Gretchen
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