Exclusive Edition: »If I Fail Are We Still Cool?« – Exclusive Edition: »If I Fail Are We Still Cool?«

Patrick Paige II drops »If I Fail Are We Still Cool?«, his second album soon. Exclusively on HHV Records, the vinyl will also be available in a limited edition Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl.

In the style of an airline advertisement, Patrick Paige II has announced his second solo work »If I Fail Are We Still Cool?«. In the album trailer, Paige promises a “»punctual, comfortable and relaxing experience« with his Forward And Up Airways while reaching for a joint. This relaxing experience will be released on vinyl on July 30 ( streaming earlier on May 25) on Fat Possum. The musician, otherwise active with alternative R’n’B band The Internet, combines a funky bass, groovy beat and woozy bedroom vibe on his advance single »Whisper (Want My Luv)«. Joining him on the track is The Internet bandmate Steve Lacy, as well as Durand Bernarr and Allen Love. On the total of 17 tracks on the LP, smooth guitar sounds meet sun-soaked basslines, R’n’B of the seventies and a little less of the hip-hop attitude that could still be heard on its predecessor »Letters of Irrelevance«. Limited to five hundred copies, the record is also available exclusively as Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl on HHV Records.


  • A1 Intro (Hard Times)
  • A2 New Habits Feat. Paco
  • A3 Big Plays Feat. Westside Mcfly
  • A4 Curfew
  • A5 Runway Feat. Ohana Bam
  • A6 40000 Ft
  • A7 Accountable
  • A8 Ain’t Talkin Bout Much Feat. Syd
  • B1 Whisper (Want My Luv) Feat. Steve Lacy, Allen Love, Durand Bernarr
  • B2 Good Grace Feat. Ohana Bum
  • B3 So They Say
  • B4 Who Am I
  • B5 West Side Player S**t Feat. Westside Mcfly
  • B6 Freestyle Feat. Saba
  • B7 Feelin Myself Feat. Bowie
  • B8 Sun Up
  • B9 Outro (Wake Up)

»If I Fail Are We Still Cool?« by Patrick Paige II (The Internet) will be out on Vinyl on July 30, 2021 via Fat Possum.