Fans of Cultivated Beats can see Tutti Bounce and Silvan Strauss live during one Evening in Berlin


Tutti Bounce and Silvan Strauss perform a double concert on 23 April 2024 at Gretchen in Berlin. Tutti Bounce are three Afrobeat renegade jazz junkies from (perhaps) the best Berlin band you’ve probably ever heard, named Seeed. Silvan Strauss released his album »Facing« last year on Farhot’s Kabul Fire.

A Knack for the Beat

Tutti Bounce from Berlin and Silvan Strauss from the Allgäu both have a knack for the beat. Whether drumming or sampling – the head must nod and the legs must bob. Tutti Bounce are joined live by The Krauts, who – as we know – not only produced Seeed’s »Ding«, but also the »Stadtaffen«. Silvan Strauss has once again won the Hamburg Jazz Prize and is also otherwise in a jazz frenzy, usually with the band of the same name from Munich. So it should be groovy.

Tutti Bounce & Silvian Strauss In Concert
23Apr 24
Berlin • Gretchen
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