Rousing for sure: Jembaa Groove play live in Berlin


What praise has Jembaa Groove not yet received for their sound? The Afro-Soul band from Berlin was founded three years ago by Yannick Nolting and the Ghanaian percussionist Eric Owusu. That the two musicians and their now five other band members have found a common vibe is something everyone can see for themselves on April 2, 2023 at Berlin’s Gretchen. Because Jembaa Groove have earned every praise.

Rhythm where you have to go

On their debut album »Susuma« from last year, the sound floats, Afro-soul, jazz and funk merge into their very own version. The rough musical coordinates are Ebo Taylor and Lee Fields, but that is only half the truth. Because Jembaa Groove play so relaxed, so reclined, that this rhythm, these horns immediately carry you away. »Mokole«, for example, enchants with exactly that. And yet everything remains a unity, a piece of music and a common sound current. There is so much heart, so much soul in every note of this album. And if no one has written this praise about Jembaa Groove yet – it is also absolutely deserved.

Jembaa Groove In Concert
02Apr 2023
Berlin • Gretchen
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