Girlwoman – Das Große Ganze

Foto: Lea Bräuer © Staatsakt
Now it’s all about »Das Große Ganze”. The songwriter Girlwoman from Bielefeld releases her debut on Staatsakt. Exclusively at HHV Records there’s a limited Red Vinyl Edition available.

Girlwoman already caused a stir in May 2020 with her first single »Rote Riesen schlafen nicht«. Now, on November 5, 2021, the debut album »Das große Ganze« will finally be released on Staatsakt. The melancholic rave of the single is now combined with neo-soul, electronic or indie-pop and always crowned with German lyrics, which – as the title already says – are about the big picture. Accordingly, Girlwoman’s musical preferences include Dirty Projectors next to Hermann Van Veen and Anohni next to Friedrich Lichtenstein. Within the last three years »Das große Ganze« was created together with the musician and producer Rasmus Exner in her apartment in Bielefeld. The fact that the songs don’t sound like German small towns, but like the big wide world, could also be due to the fact that the French Grammy Award winner Veronica Ferraro mixed and the Berlin pianist Lambert was involved in »Ab morgen ist alles anders«. The Red Vinyl Edition, limited to only 100 copies, is available exclusively in the HHV Records webshop.


  • A1 Prisma
  • A2 Die Nacht
  • A3 Stom Linie Form
  • A4 Fata Morgana
  • A5 Nur Mut
  • A6 Monochrom
  • B1 Rote Riesen Schlafen Nicht
  • B2 Plattenweg
  • B3 Tick Tack Trauma
  • B4 Ab Morgen Ist Alles Anders Pt.1 Feat. Lambert
  • B5 Ab Morgen Ist Alles Anders Pt.2 Feat. Lambert
  • B6 Is Anybody Out There?!
  • B7 Outro

»Das Große Ganze« by Girlwoman will be out November 5, 2021 on Staatsakt.