Gondwana celebrates its birthday in Berlin, the rave is elsewhere


For 15 years, the label founder and trumpeter Matthew Halsall has been releasing jazz, minimal music and electronica. The celebration will take place in the Berlin living room of Gondwana Records, Club Gretchen, where numerous artists from the Manchester label have performed in recent years. On October 23, 2023, three bands will be sent to Berlin.

A devotional in jazz and ambient

The duo Svaneborg Kardyb has the most complicated name and the most prizes won among the arrivals. Their music is based on Danish folk music, which they enrich with jazz influences.
Vega Trails is a new project by double bassist and composer Milo Fitzpatrick, the exact same from Portico Quartet. Saxophone, double bass, lots of reverb. What more could you want?
Hanakiv is a young composer and musician from Estonia. She makes meditative, piano-based ambient music with elements of classical and electronic music.
The artists are connected by their sense of space in the music, and the evening will be characterised by music that finds its power in tranquillity.

15 Years Gondwana Records
23Oct 2023
Berlin • Gretchen
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