Killer Mike takes autobiographical approach on new album


Is there a rapper with a better image? Killer Mike is one of the favourite characters of rap fans worldwide, at least of all those who don’t vote for Trump. Likeable, politically active, and he can spit, too. Killer Mike’s new album, »Michael«, will be released on June 16, 2023. And for all the expression, for all the views that the rapper has expressed so far – you haven’t heard what happens on his new album yet.

Before the Killer came to the Mike

The album title is – fans and nickname experts will guess – Killer Mike’s first name. »Michael« tells the upbringing of Michael Santiago Render, between praying in church and talking shit in the backyard. Killer Mike thus quite offensively joins the literary genre of the hour here, with autofiction winning the prizes – and creating unmistakable atmosphere. Adamsville, west of Atlanta, the sun is setting, the heat is still on the asphalt, barbecue behind board fences, Friday night in the hood, and what it can all mean.

In German-speaking territories (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), a coloured vinyl edition limited to 300 copies will only be available from HHV.