Mieke Miami – Exclusive Edition: »Montecarlo Magic«

Foto: Dorvile Sermokas © Fun In The Church
The Berlin-based musician releases her second album »Montecarlo Magic« on Fun In The Church in July. Exclusively at HHV Records there is a special edition limited to 150 copies.

Out of the woods and into the manege: While the electro-folk-pop of »In The Old Forest«, the first album by Hamburg-born, Berlin-based artist Mieke Miami released by Sonar Kollektiv, still traced the attitude to life of capital city hipsters quenching their longing for the countryside in Brandenburg, »Montecarlo Magic« turns to the pleasure of artificial staging. Soulful, easygoing, slightly psychedelic »The Ambassador Of Love« bounces in flanked by string and brass sections, after the funky groove of »Horse«, jazzy instrumentation with bass clarinet and harp, has prepared the ground. The echoes of the late sixties that echo through Mieke Miami’s music on her debut for Fun In the Church are unmistakable – they suit the songs of the musician, who trained as a jazz saxophonist at Berlin’s University of the Arts (UdK), exceptionally well. Exclusively available on HHV Records, the special edition comes in a gatefold cover with an instrumentals bonus LP in magenta vinyl and is limited to 150 copies.


  • A1 Californio
  • A2 Horse
  • A3 The Ambassador Of Love
  • A4 Cry Baby Cry
  • A5 child
  • A6 Way Out West
  • A7 Autoscooter
  • A8 Pool
  • A9 Uh Baby Baby
  • A10 Golden Ships

»Montecarlo« by Mieke Miami will be out July 9th, 2021 on Fun In the Church.